L. Stu Young



Artist Project Label Role
98DA Star Pig Independent Producer, Record, Mix
Alannah Myles Alannah Atlantic Engineer
Alannah Myles Arival Arc 21/ Virgin Engineer
Alannah Myles The Very Best Of Arc 21/ Virgin Engineer
Alcoholism Charisma Independent Additional Engineering
Alex Baird Ish Independent Record, Mix
Andrew Cash Hi MCA / Sumo Record
Anne Murray What a Wonderful Christmas EMI Record, Mix
Anne Murray What a Wonderful World EMI Record, Mix
Anette Ducharme Best Waste of Time (Single) A-ttack Records Mix
Big Faith Undertow Independent Record, Mix
Big Sugar Dear M.F (Leadbelly dub) A-ttack Records Record, Mix
Bingie Barker Current LP Independent Record, Mix
Blasternaut Eden Pit A-ttack Records Record, Mix
Blue Venus Blue Venus Independent Record, Produce, Mix
Bob Segarini Gotta Have Pop Independent Mix
Bob Wiseman Accidently Acquired Beliefs WEA Record, Mix
Bob Wiseman Lake Michagan Soda WEA Record, Mix
Bourbon Tabernacle Choir Put Your Head On (Single) Independent Independent
Brad Roberts Crash Test Dude (Live) V2 Records/ BMG Mix
Brent Lee & The Outsiders Rose Tattoo Justin, MCA Record, Mix
Bruce McCulloch Shame-based Man Atlantic Record, Mix
Caitlin Hanford Bluer Skies Denon Record, Mix
Catherine Durand Flou WEA Record, Mix
Catherine Durand Current LP WEA Record, Mix
Chad Mitchell Virgo Moon Silver City Records Mix
Cherry Smash Barrel Of Laughs Independent Mix
Chris Armstrong One Woman's Opinion Independent Producer, Record, Mix
Cindy Valentine Run To Me (Single) BMG Mix
Crawl Feed Excited Records Producer, Record, Mix
Creative Collective Creative Collective 2002 Big Boom Mix
Dan Gibson Shorelines: Classical Guitar Somerset Record, Mix
Dan Hill I Am Doing Fine (Various Tracks) Spontaneous, MCA Record, Mix
Danny Rubino Current LP Independent Record, Mix
Danyluk Under The Same Sun Twinstar Records Producer, Record, Mix
David Wilcox Greatest Hits Too (new tracks) EMI Music Canada Record, Mix
David Wilcox Thirteen Songs EMI Music Canada Record, Mix
Dionysian Smile Blown (Various Soundtracks) Independent Record, Mix
Don't Talk Dance Don't Talk Dance (Various) WEA Record, Mix
Downchild Blues Band Lucky 13 Blue Wave Record, Mix
Downchild Blues Band Live At The Palais Royal   Record, Mix
Earthboy Earthboy Rah Rah Record
Edie Brickell Unreleased Geffen Record, Mix
Elle Insomnia Independent Producer, Record, Mix
Eva AOL Sessions AOL Canada Record, Mix
Fats Waddler Fats Waddler N/A Record, Mix
Feist AOL Sessions AOL Canada Record, Mix
Formaldehyde Ride Formaldehyde Ride Spun Records Record, Mix
Freudz Couch ID Independent Producer, Mix
Furnaceface Just Buy It One Hand Records Mix
George Fox Christmas Balmur Record, Mix
Green Jelly Teenage Rave (Single) ZOO, BMG Mix
Groovy Religion Tom Handsome Boy Record, Mix
Growl Growl (Various Tracks) Independent Mix
Guess Who Lonely One (Various Tracks) Intersound Record, Mix
Guns and Roses Use Your Illusion 1 & 2 Geffen Assistant Engineer
Haddaway Life (Single) BMG Mix
Head Jerk (Various Tracks) I.R.S Records Additional Recording, Mix
Head Fireman Capitol Independent Mix
Human Disorder Ugly Modern Aggression   Mix
Innosense WWW. Fantasy BMG Record, Additional
J.K Gulley Blue Mountain Memories (Single) Indie Mix
Jack Damage Jack Damage Independent Record, Additional Engineering
Jackson Delta Lookin' Back (various tracks) Independent Mix
Jamie Hamilton Can-Am Border (single) Shoreline Records Additional Record, Mix
Jamie Hamilton Love Struck (single) Shoreline Records Additional Record, Mix
Jennie Laws Current Independent Record, Mix
Joe Brett Living in a Nightmare Northern Lone Star Record, Mix
Joe Mavety In Orbit Alien Record, Mix
Joe Mavety Sunburst Strawberry, A&M Record, Mix
John Curtis Sampson You Got Me Gemstone Additional Recording, Mix
John Mayes John Mayes (various tracks) Independent Record, Mix
Kelita Kelita Independent Record
Kim Mitchell Kimbosabe Oasis Additional Engineering
Kim Stockwood 12 Years Old EMI Record
K-Os Dirty Water (Single) EMI Mix
Lawrence Gowan You Can Call Me Larry Anthem/ Columbia Record
Lee Aaron Emotional Rain Hipchic, A&M Additional Engineering
Lenny Gallant The Open Window Sony Additional Engineering
Live 8 Canada (Various Artists) Live 8 Canada DVD EMI Canada Mix
Lori Nuik Current (Various Tracks) Independent Mix
Lorne Rdyer Ice Cream and Guns Music Mentor Producer, Record, Mix
Lyme The Colour of A Independent Record, Mix
Michael Katz Full Circle Independent Additional Recording
Mike Chiarot Current Race Records Mix
Mike McKenna & Slidewinder Current LP Independent Mix
Moneen AOL Sessions AOL Canada Record, Mix
Moratti Moratti Independent Record, Mix
Moxo Shriek Scent of a Woman (single) BMG Mix
Mozart's Rage Make Me Feel More (single) BMG Mix
National Velvet Album (various tracks) Iron Music Mix
Oliver Twiggins Current LP Independent Mix
One Free Fall Mud Creek Handsome Boy Record, Mix
Partland Brothers Part Land, Part Water Kinetic Record, Mix
Party Mix '94, '96 Party Mix '94, 96 Quality Record, Mix
Patricia Conroy Mary On The Dashboard (various tracks) Sunset Records Record, Mix
Peter "Sab" Sabourin Tall Bourbon Rodeo International Record, Mix
Phil Halliday Current LP Independent Record, Mix
Pirates of Peace Pirates of Peace Independent Record, Mix
Prairie Oyster Everybody Knows Ideal Records 2nd Engineer
Prairie Oyster One Kiss Open Road Mix
Prince Musicology Sony Record, Mix
Prince 3121 Universal Record, Mix
Puente Del Diablo Puente Del Diablo Independent Mix
Quartette In The Beauty of the Day Outside Music Record, Mix
Quartette Its Christmas Denon Mix
Quartette Quartette Denon Record
Quartette Work of the Heart Denon Record, Mix
Que Vida Raising The Dead Santo Nino Record, Mix
Rail Punch Buggy Santo Nino Mix
Rail T.E.C. Candy (Single) Sowtown Records Producer, Record, Mix
Rail T.E.C. Never Coming Down Intrepid Records Producer, Record, Mix
Rail T.E.C. Various Singles Intrepid Records Record
Rainbow Butt Monkeys Letters from Chutney Mercury/ Polydor, Intrepid Record, Mix
Rainshine Radio Z Independent Record, Mix
Ramblin Dolls Straight Up Mercury/ Polydor, Intrepid Record, Mix
Randy Bachman, Burton Cummings Jukebox   Record, Mix
Randy Bachman, Burton Cummings American Woman (2007 single)   Mix
Randy Bachman, Burton Cummings First Time Around DVD   Mix
Razor Jones Nobody, A Fool Independent Record, Mix
Rebecca Timmons The Turning Event Independent Mix
Reggae Cowboys Let's Ride Independent Mix (various tracks)
Reggae Cowboys Rock Steady Rodeo Tumbleweed/ Rykodisc/ Pure/Mercury Record, Mix
Rheostatics The Blue Hysteria Raise A Little Elf Record, Mix
Rhonda Silver 13 Pieces of Silver   Record, Mix
Robert Munsch Current Scholastic Record, Mix
Rocco Rollo Triopirrollo Discos Musart Record, Mix
Rodeo Drive Heaven's Plains Independent Record, Mix
Ronnie Hawkins Mind On The Moon Indie Record, Mix
Ryan Bailey Bad Energy Blueline Mix
Ryan Peters Playing The Game Blueline Mix
Sara Slean AOL Sessions AOL Canada Record, Mix
Scratch Skin Deep Independent Record, Mix
Shannon Weir Nature about You Independent Record, Mix
Shari Lynn Current Independent Mix
Sharon Musgrave Current Independent Record, Mix
Sin City Boys Temptation Road Independent/ Awesome DKD Mix
SISQO Jingle (U.S. Radio) Pepsi Record, Mix
Snow The Plumb Song (U.S single) Hype Music/ EMI Music Record
Sonny Del-Rio 40 Years of Rock & Roll And All I Got Is The Blues Mix
Spooky Ruben What's A Boy To Do (Various Tracks) TVT Records Mix
Strange Angels Dancing With The Living Space Ann Records Producer, Record, Mix
Sugar Jones How Much Longer (single) Universal Engineer
Sum 41 Does This Look Infected? Aquarius/ Island/ Def Jam Engineer
Sum 41/ Tenacious D Christmas Song Aquarius/ Island/ Def Jam Engineer
Sum 41 All Killer No Filler Aquarius/ Island/ Def Jam Engineer
Sum 41 Half Hour of Power Aquarius/ Island/ Def Jam Engineer
Sylvia Tyson Gypsy Cadillac Silver City Sony Record, Mix
Tamar Beautiful Loved & Blessed NPG Record, Mix
The Acoustics All In The Name Of Love Whale Records Producer, Record, Mix
The Barstool Prophets Crank Mercury/ Polydor Record
The Fossils The Fossils Independent Mix
The Henries Chasing Grace Bar none Record, Mix
The Henries Desert Cure TrainRec Record, Mix
The Irish Descendents Rollin Home Warner Music Mix
The Mahones Draggin The Days Kinetic Records Producer, Record, Mix
The New Deal Reciever Jive/ Zomba Mix
The Saddletramps Well Gone Bad (various tracks) Independent Record, Mix
The Sidemen Dig In Kingnote Records Record, Mix
The Terra Dye Experiment Terra Nye Experiements Race Records Mix
The Waltons/ David Leonards Simple Brain (single) Disney Record, Mix
The Welfare Scarlets Wreaking Havoc Space Ann Records Record, Mix
Tina Turner Baby I am a Star (single) Target Record, Mix
Treeble Charger Detox Vik Additional Editing
Triumph Edge of Excess Virgin Additional Editing
Triumph U.S Festival 5.1 Remix TRC Digital Editing
Triumph Halifax 5.1 Remix TRC Digital Editing
Universal Honey Earth Moon Transit Alert Record
Vibrolux Current Independent Mix
Von Groove Rainmaker No Bull/ Koch Record, Mix
White Elephant Songs Of The Mind Indpendent Record, Mix
White Widow No Wood To Knock On Independent Record, Mix
Wil Veloz Macarena Quality  
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