Most debut albums are a loose representation of what a band will become. Not until they tighten up; gain enough experience and confidence to dictate their future progression does their sound begin to solidify. Given the enviable success garnered with their 2009 self-titled debut though, Stereos started miles ahead of the pack. There was no wonder as to what this fresh-faced quintet's refinement would breed; even more compelling songs motivated by their unified personality, musical ability and impeccable delivery.
It's a given when one considers that no less than all eight of Stereos' singles from their eponymous debut hit the radio charts, with “Summer Girl” grabbing the #2 slot, and the record reaching a prestigious #3 on Canadian Album Charts overall. Factor in that it reached certified gold sales status shortly after release, six videos in constant music television rotation, cross country tours in both Canada and the US, ongoing radio play, as well as nominations for the 2010 Juno Awards' Best Pop Album and Best New Artist, and how could Stereos and their impeding follow-up be anything but—as Kordyback refers to it—“right?”
It couldn't. Golden children from the moment they were conceived as Stand By Me in Edmonton, Alberta circa 2005, Stereos has been on an astral course. By 2008, the outfit had relocated to Toronto, immediately overtaking the inaugural season of revered MuchMusic program disBAND, releasing their stellar self-titled record and becoming celebrated artists, chart-topping successes and household names.
Still, each of those achievements are destined to be dwarfed by the assuredness, musicality, spirit and energy of Uncontrollable, an album that perfectly encapsulates the band's aforementioned refinement, streamlined attack and aural expansion. Initially adored for their unique blend of R&B, hip hop, reggae, rock, metal and punk, this latest work finds the band building their sound even further by exploring influence from previously-untapped resources.
All of this isn't to say that the Stereos of 2009 failed to deliver an accurate representation of themselves. While their debut was the perfect document of its time, as the band grows—personally and collectively—they have come to find a greater wealth of context to their tunes.
Moreover, Kordyback asserts that while embracing new musical endeavours in a means of accomplishing their vision, Stereos is far from losing any semblance of their core. Steeped in those same punk, metal, rock, R&B and hip hop roots, he feels the addition of club/dance rudiments only serves to amplify their voice and accost a new form of music lover into the world of Stereos.

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